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Com Surrogate Processes

COM Surrogate program/virus is slowing my computer

com surrogate has stopped working

COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working 02-21-15 after Windows Crash

Com Surrogate

COM Surrogate hogging memory

COM Surrogate - dllhost.exe *32

COM Surrogate - dllhost.exe *32 -- Multiple instances

COM Surrogate is eating too much memory for laptop to function.

COM Surrogate issue? How do I fix this?

Com Surrogate Virus creating copies of dllhost process

COM Surrogate multiple instances

Com Surrogate opening and closing

Com Surrogates running all the time using up all my memory and cpu

COM Surrogate problem please help

Com Surrogate using 25-40 CPU and multiplying Memory

Com surrogate 32 and malicious chrome virus

COM surrogate 32* / SYSWOW64

COM SURROGATE and false browser virus

COM Surrogate and google chrome processes in task manager

COM Surrogate high CPU help


COM Surrogate malware

COM Surrogate virus / also csrss.exe


COM Surrogate - Slowing computer

COM Surrogate / Dllhost.exe & Internet Explorer Running in Background

COM Surrogate/dllhost.exe*32 taxing system resources

Com Surrogate dllhost.exe High Memory Usage

com surrogate eating memory

Com Surrogate Error

COM Surrogate shuts down my PC

COM Surrogate issues

COM Surrogates suspicious

COM Surrogate (32bit) - Using all my CPU and Memory

Com Surrogate 5.1

COM Surrogate Backdoor Trojan

Com Surrogate Error and Net Framework Question

Com surrogate errors after video codec install

COM Surrogate infection :-/

COM Surrogate (dllhost.exe *32) Virus

COM Surrogate Combofix log HELP

COM surrogate in volume mixer?

Com Surrogate Problems

COM Surrogate keeps popping up and closing

Comm Surrogate Crash

Could some help with this error and slowness Windows 10 dllhost.exe Application

ddlhost com surrogate issue

DLLHost - COM Surrogate / Powershell Stopped Working

dllhost.exe *32 Com problem

dllhost.exe com surrogate processes

DLLHOST.exe multiple services running

dllhost.exe*32 virus or Powerliks

DLLHOST.EXE *32 COM Surrogate


dllhost.exe COM Surrogate Removal help

Dllhost.exe Problem Help


dllhost.exe*32 COM SURROGATE processes are running

dllhost.exe/COM surrogate

dllhost.exe*32 COM Surrogate processes using up CPU

Dllhost.exe*32 COM surrogate runs multiple times = CPU at 100%

dllhost surrogate virus

dllhost.exe *32 issues

dllhost.exe*32? Virus or normal proccess?

dllhost.exe COM Surrogate surge+

dllhost.exe*32 help needed

dllhost use high memory

dllhost.exe taking all the resources

dllhost.exe com surrogate - It strikes again

dllhost.exe surrogate processes running in excess

DLLHOST.EXE keeps popping up continuously

dllhost.exe COM Surrogate TrojanClick.

DLLHost.exe- Malware?

DLLHOST.exe Malwarebytes Popups

dllhost.exe takes a lot of resources

dllhost .exe COM surrogate and Trojan Powelik

dllhost.exe *32 Com Surrogate virus

dllhost.exe trojan

dllhost.exe com surrogate attacking my machine

dllhost.exe using lots of CPU

Dllhost.exe Com Surrogate causes CPU & Network Usage to reach 100%

dllhost virus

Dllhost.exe virus

dllhost.exe *32 comm surrogate - again

DLLHost.exe - COM Surrogate - Windows 7

dllhost.exe com surrogate consuming CPU

dllhost.exe *32 Infection (COM Surrogate)

DLLHost.EXE - loading up to 50x and eating up memory?

dllhost com suragate

dllhost.exe multiple executions taking all my memory

DLLHOST.EXE COM Surrogate issue

DLLHost.exe - Multiple Com Surrogate

dllhost.exe*32 (COM surrogate) problem

dllhost.exe Com Surrogate multiple processes running website blocks every 5 sec

dllhost.exe COM Surrogate Trojan

dllhostexe32 spawn com-surrogate processes

dllhost.exe*32 COM Surrgate and many other files ending with exe*32 in proces

dllhost.exe/COM Surrogate virus

dllhost.exe *32 replication virus

dllhost com surrogate - virus or normal?

dllhost.exe*32 Com Surrogate and Trojan.Poweliksgm Help pls

dllhost.exe *32 | powershell failure | access to web sites fail

dllhost.exe*32 COM Surrogate eating memory

dllhost issue*Need help with this one.

dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate multiple processes/high memory usage

dllhost.exe *32 multiplied

dllhost.exe *32 please help

dllhost.exe *32 problems

dllhost.exe COM Surrogate taking up all CPU Usage

Dllhost.exe infected

dllhost.exe 32 is driving me BLEEPING MAD

dllhost.exe and COM Surrogate virus

dllhost.exe and dllhost3g.exe infection?

dllhost.exe & dllhst3g.exe replicating virus

Dllhost.exe com surrogate - Powelik

Dllhost.exe / COM Surrogate invasion

dllhost.exe Multiple COM SURROGATE processes running

dll host many instances xp

dllhost.exe COM Surrogate infection

dllhost.exe com surrogate virus after CTB locker hit

dllhost.exe virus issue

dllhost com surrogate issue

DLLhost.exe is a malware?

dll host with COM surrogate virus

dllhost.exe*32 in Syswow64 folder

dllhost*32.exe com surrogate virus

dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate - Windows7 - *w/ temp fix

DLLhost.exe *32 COM surrogate hogging CPU

DLLHost.exe COM Surrogate Viruse to

dllhost.exe consuming all CPU

Dllhost.exe consuming memory and slowing computer

Dllhost.exe ComSurrogates

dllhost.exe*32 infection

dllhost.exe*32 too many instances and eating memory up

dllhost/COM Surrogate explosion

Dllhost Issue

DLLHOST slowing down my clients computer

DLLHost.exe - COM SURROGATE - Malware

dllhost.exe *32 slowing down my system.

dllhost.exe using 50% of cpu in vista

Does anyone know if there is a virus connected to com surrogate?

emiesitelist and com surrogate

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