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Comp Freezes

Complete freeze after inactivity

Comp freezes at start up

Comp Freezes At Startup

Complete freeze-up after screensaver initiates

Computer & Programs Freezing up

Comp Freezes And Must Do Hard Reboot

complete freeze-up

Computer freezing

Computer Always Freezing Randomly

Computer constantly freezes/crashes when started normally

Computer crashes intermittently on YouTube videos

Comp just randomly freezing

Computer Constantly Freezing

Computer completely unresponsive at boot/start-up

Computer Constantly Hangs or Crashes

Computer Crashes After 30 Minutes

Computer crashes when I play any online video

Computer Completely Freezes

Computer freezer after connecting to internet

Computer Freezes After Rebooting It

Computer Always Freezes just after startup - Possible malware?

Computer constantly freezes.

Computer completely locks up

Computer Crash at Startup periodically

Computer freezes and does not shut down

Computer freezes after starting up/keep getting BSOD

Computer freezes after startup

Computer and keyboard freezes every now and then

Computer freezes on Opening Lid

Computer Freezes and Reboots

Computer freezes & All Malware scans hang

computer crashes whenever im streaming/ downloading

Computer Freezes And Then Will Not Reboot

Computer Freezes at Start up

computer freezes and unable to turnoff computer

computer freezes (sometimes)

Computer freezes during startup

Computer freezes often.

computer freezes

Computer freezes every couple minutes for 2 seconds

Computer freezes on start up

computer freezes during startup (post malware infection)

Computer Freezes Allll The Time Without Warning.please Help

Computer Freezes up for 2 min period

Computer Freezing on bootup

Computer Freezes After Boot Up

Computer Freezes On Start-up For A While

Computer freezes everyday at 10:50am HELP

Computer Freezes During Video Playback

Computer Freezes shortly after startup followed by continious BEEP

Computer Freezes Shortly After I Turn It On.

Computer freezes up randomly

Computer Freezes after booting

Computer freezes after connection to Internet

computer freezes constantly (I know

Computer freezes at desktop

Computer freezes for no apparent reason - please help

Computer Freezes For Half a Second

Computer Freezes at Least 5 Times a Day

Computer Crashes. No options left

Computer Freezes At Random Intervals

computer freezing and locking up

Computer freezes for no reason

Computer Crashes When Trying To Stream Media

Computer Freezes Every 20/30mins

computer freezes due to internet connection?

Computer freezes and browser redirects

Computer freezes then BSOD after user reboots

Computer freezes at startup

computer freezes when using any browser

computer freezing up- malware?

Computer freezes up; won't let me update Malwarebytes

Computer freezes at seemingly random times.

Computer freezing 20-30 min after startup

Computer Freezing And Resetting.

Computer Freezes and BSOD

Computer freezes while playing video games

Computer Freezes during Heavy Loads - Must Force Restart

Computer Freezes Only When Online

Computer Freezing and Stalling

Computer Freezes Kind Of Randomly

Computer freezes during start up.

Computer freezes out on certain programs

Computer Freezing After Boot

Computer Freezes Up

Computer freezes with AV scan or Internet Access :(

Computer Freezes Before Windows

Computer freezing at windows startup

Computer freezes when opening a UTube video

Computer freezes after about 45 minutes of use doing anything.

Computer freezes with AV scan or Internet Access [Moved]

computer freezes no reason

Computer Freezing/ Restarting Randomly -Real Challenge

computer freezes/stalls

computer freezes but no error messages

Computer Freezing while streaming video

Computer freezes after starting

computer freezes after use

Computer freezes often {especially on startup}

Computer freezing after small amount of time

Computer Freezes with green lines.

computer freezes after video card install

Computer Freezing after startup

Computer Freezes While Watching Online

Computer freezes while using Internet.

Computer Freezing On Startup

Computer Freezes when playing online games?

Computer Freezes At Agpcpq.sys

Computer Freezes with no apparent reason

Computer freezes and shuts down

Computer Freezes randomly and often

Computer Hangs Up

Computer freezes right after startup

Computer hanging when set to hibernate

Computer Hangs Up / Freezes

Computer freezes when ripping cd's

Computer freezing randomly and having to reset

Computer Freezing 20-30min after startup

Computer Freezes When Running AVG or Spyware Doctor

Computer hangs after a long period turned on.

Computer freezes shortly after startup

Computer Freezing After Loading

Computer Freezes When Running Full MBAM Scan or Super AntiSpyware Scan

computer freezes using search engines

Computer freezes and other problems

Computer freezing when connected to the internet

Computer freezing recently

Computer Freezing and Buzzing Sound

Computer Freezes Using Youtube

Computer freezes under heavy load

Computer Hangs when booting up

Computer freezes at the start up screen

Computer freezes very often

Computer Freezes When I Shut It Down

Computer freezes upon startup

Computer Freezing/Locking Up

computer gets hung up and won't bootup

computer freezes and locks after a few hours

Computer Freezes when any Disc is Inserted

Computer Freezing Issue

computer hangs when using usb modem

Computer Freezes when Browser is Open

Computer Freezing-Numerous Errors/ Moved

Computer Hangs with a loud noise

Computer hangs badly

Computer halts at startup

Computer freezes when connected to internet

Computer Freezes for a second then it comes back.Please help me fix

Computer freezes with beep

Computer freezes for around 10-20 secs every minute or so

Computer crashing/ freezing while browsing the net

Computer Freezes When CD Player is plugged in.

Computer freezes completely Please help analyze my HijackThis log

Computer freezes constantly

Computer HD freezes after bootup

Computer Freezing after some time running

computer boots then locks up

Computer freezing at different points of startup

Computer freezing every five minutes for a few seconds

Computer freezing issues.

Computer freezes after being on for so long

Computer freezing on start up

Computer freezing when i turn my printer on Please Help

computer freezes on downloads

Computer Freezes During Video Capture

Computer hanging after gaming/long periods of idling

Computer freezes for 30 seconds frequently

computer freezes for 5 seconds randomly

Computer has been freezing almost once every minute

Computer Hang With No Reason?

Computer freezes without warning or any error message

Computer Freezes Frequently

Computer Frequently Pauses - 4 Clicks - Then works fine

Computer hangs doing simple tasks

Computer Freezes On Boot up

Computer Hangs During Boot

Computer Freezing - Help

Computer Freezes on Startup

Computer Freeze: what is wrong?

Computer crashing after using internet browsers

computer freezes slowed down lots of crashes

Computer freezes during scan and after start-up with Webroot

Computer freezes for ~30 seconds every 2 minutes.

Computer Freezing When A Program Starts.

Computer Frreeze

Computer is freezing after startup

Computer is slow and freezes on nearly every page

Computer is freezing and shutting down randomly

Computer is freezing occasionally

Computer freezes shortly after start-up.

Computer is constantly freezing

Computer is alway freezing up

Computer Just Stops Loading

Computer keeps freezing when starting

Computer Just Froze For No Reason

Computer keeps locking up almost immediately after startup

Computer just randomly freezes and has to be shut down

Computer Locks Up When Not Being Used

Computer near-constantly frozen

Computer locks up after startup

Computer freezes when I connect to the internet

Computer Lags And Restarts At Random

Computer Lockup

Computer locks up and requires hard reboot after random moments of use

Computer Lags Every 4-7 minutes

Computer Locks Up During Gameplay Needs Hard Reboot

Computer Lock Up When Going On To The Internet

Computer Locked Up Overnight

Computer keeps freezing at startup

Computer locks when booting

Computer locking up malware problem?

Computer locks up when returning from standby.

Computer Random Lock-ups

Computer randomly half-way locks up

Computer randomly freezes and stops responding when connected to internet

Computer Randomly hangs and returns to normal

Computer Programs Freeze

Computer Lock Ups

Computer Locks Up When Connecting To The Internet.

Computer Locking Up on Startup

Computer locking up often

Computer Randomly Freezes. Not because of temperature.

Computer Lockups

Computer locks up during start up and login

Computer randomly hangs

computer screen freezes up after booting but mouse functions like normal

Computer slow at all times. Ocassionaly freezes. Clicking on start often freezes system completely.

Computer Stalling On Boot.

Computer stalls frequently

Computer stops responding after a short time

Computer Stalling

Computer Stops

Computer randomly freezing when left idle

Computer Stops Responding For 2-3 Seconds Every Half Hour

Computer Stuck after Crashing

Computer virtually frozen

Computer's starting to freeze.

computer stops responding after 15min of inactivity - can't find cause

Computer/screen freeze

Constant overclocking on Computer and frequent random sys shutdowns

Constant Freeze Ups

Constant PC freezes

Constant hang ups - last anywhere from 5 sec to mintues

cpu FREEZING every few min. * HJT logfile incl.

Crashing/Freezing computer every night and occasionally during the day

crash while surfing the net

Crashes during video streams

Dell laptop (Win 7) crashes coming out of hiberation

Desktop Freezes After Boot Up

Desktop hangs on start up

Desktop Freezes And Restarts.

Desktop freezes during boot up

Desktop hang on startup

Desktop freezes at startup

desktop locks up while idle

Do computers freezes

dwwin.exe is freezing my MSN

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