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Similar problems to that which you'd see with RAM. Take action, track down what causes your computer to lock up on you and how you can stop it from happening. Driver related issue A computer lock up can also be caused by outdated or corrupted drivers. solved Please Help! Check This Out

On Windows 8 and up, you can use Refresh action and Windows will reinstall itself, without any DVDs and deleting your data. I called it a cursor because the white underscore was usually used in command-line OS's as a cursor.I'd see about swapping out your video card with another if you have one Subsequently, you should analyze the error reports that Windows stores in response to a BSOD crash. Read Defragment-a-Disk-on-a-Windows-Computer or Use-a-Disk-Defragmenter for more detailed information. 2 Format your disk and reinstall your operating system.

Computer Freezes Windows 10

I worked with someone on another thread where this cleared up this issue. Check out Reinstall-Windows-7 or Reinstall-Windows-XP for more details on the reinstallation process. 3 Downgrade to a lower operating system. Try only running one program at a time to make sure your freezing is not being caused by multiple programs running at the same time. In a nutshell, freezing means that nothing happens.

My pc freezes randomly after overclocking my amd fx8350, can anyone help me? If the program you are using performs this action you can recover the work up to the last automatic save position. Disk Defragment Another possibility as to why your computer freezes on a regular basis is because you haven’t defragmented your hard drive in quite some time. Computer Locks Up Windows 10 ubercake said: One thing that can cause shorts from the BIOS setup is if you have your front-panel audio set to HD when it should be set to AC'97.

It may be that there are a lot of programs installed on your computer and the hard drive is starting to get full so that the computer can’t function quickly and Overheating can cause  system freezes. How To Setup Email For Microsoft Outlook 2010 What is "LAN"? 3 Most Common Causes of Slow Internet Connection How to spot fake comments in your blog - even when they http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000700.htm If the program you are using performs this action you can recover the work up to the last automatic save position.

Give the computer a few minutes to process. Computer Dead Locked Tips Run "Desktop Cleanup Wizard". HELP PLEASE! Ask a new question Read More Homebuilt Systems Related Resources Windows 10 Freezes randomly since getting ssd.

Computer Freezes Windows 7

Restore Windows Windows can create restore points that allow you to roll back your entire system to a previous stable state. useful reference If so, the failing hardware is likely the RAM, CPU, Motherboard, or Power Supply (in that order). Computer Freezes Windows 10 To uninstall a program, enter the control panel and click "Add/Remove Programs," select the program you want to uninstall, and click "Change/Remove". Computer Hang Problem Solution You can also try installing the latest driver at this point, to make sure your computer is up-to-date for that device driver.

Find out more here. his comment is here A hardware malfunction or misconfiguration can cause a computer to lock up. If you have too many programs open at one time, your computer may be low on resources, and as a result, is freezing. Otherwise, proceed through each of the follow sections in order. Computer Freezes At Startup

Serious issue with Windows If you have tried all the above recommendations and the computer continues to lock up frequently, it's possible that Windows may have been corrupted. Too many programs open Each program or window you open on your computer takes some of the computers resources to keep it running. How to remove TSRs and startup programs. this contact form This is true.

Powered by Mediawiki. What To Do When Your Computer Freezes And Wont Turn Off Virus The first possibility, and maybe the most common computer ailment, is a virus. A screw behind the motherboard can get you every time.

Gaming Rig randomly freezes (loops sounds if anything is playing) as well as troubles with booting occasionally Random PC Freezes Please Help solved PLEASE HELP - Game Freezes / Crashes randomly

in Safe Mode, scan your system for malware and remove anything you find. Also check your motherboard settings for automatic cpu powersaving type options and try disabling all of those. Use Windows' built-in scanner (Defender) or choose from a host of other software options available. 3 Clean up your Windows registry. Computer Freezing Randomly If that doesn't work, I would try swapping the video card.

If the Task Manager can open, highlight the program that is not responding and choose End Task, which should unfreeze the computer. Then, restart the computer and load into Windows normally. Wait a few seconds, then turn your computer back on again.   Step 8: If you find that your computer keeps freezing when you start a program, you may need to http://libraryonlineweb.com/computer-freezes/computer-freezing-up-malware.php Regularly running a virus scan identifies then fixes many issues with slow performance.

Image credits: vladislav_studio, iQoncept Previous Post3 Useful Scripts To Modify Your Proxy Settings For Internet ExplorerNext PostPinta - A Simple, Cross Platform Free Image Editing Software 10 comments Write a Comment Do you have a New Jersey Based Business? Also, remember to include any error messages you get (screenshots are very helpful) as well as what you were doing in the game when it happened. DriverScanner Check Windows drivers How outdated are your PC drivers?Old drivers harm system performance and make your PC vulnerable to errors and crashes.

If the application is frozen, you may see ‘Not Responding’ in the status column next to it.      Step 5: Click on the application name, so that it is highlighted He has already tested RAM, so basically its going to boil down between Motherboard, HDD failure, Video Card, or shorting.What I would recommend is boot off of a flash drive into Troubleshoot Hardware Issues The Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) is a strong sign for a hardware incompatibility. If you have a multimeter (voltmeter) you can do the paperclip trick and test all the pins to make sure you're getting consistent voltages.Refer here to what I did/ended up being

Continue. Give the computer some time Wait. If it happens again, I'l try something. Sign Up Now Stay Connected and Follow Us on: Daybreak Account Create an Account Account Management Membership Info Enhanced Security Enter Activation Code Customer Support Games H1Z1: Just Survive H1Z1: King

A device driver can also cause a computer to freeze if it is out of date, conflicting with another driver, or just not working properly. More resources See also solved PC randomly shutting down, can't turn it back on for 1-2 hours, help please!! Any work that has not been saved is lost when a computer has to be reboot because it is frozen. get started Why does my computer freeze up all the time?

mary221Mar 13, 2011, 2:23 PM Virus infection is excluded.Only 2 posibilities are to be considered: 1) RAM issues ( check if there is not dust in the memory slot - remove Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: matata by JusThemes.com. Jon Burke Internet access when I only have a laptop in my home pkaysherwood Explore the community Computer tuition Are you looking for one-on-one computer tuition? Note: If only your mouse is frozen and not working, see our page on mouse not being detected or working in Windows.

Click on the program in the list so that it is highlighted, then click on Uninstall. afflictoMar 3, 2011, 7:43 PM I did download avast and scanned, it didn't found anything. Did you recently add this video card, or have you had it for a while?Do you have another video card you could swap in for this one?Also, not trying to be It froze in the BIOS (Asus Boot Screen for him) so this indicates that it is a hardware issue, or at least part of the issue is low level.