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Comp Slow

Comp Has Been Acting Slow

Computer Acting Really Slow

Computer acting slow

computer - slow and having issues

Computer being slow

Computer Acting Very Badly .

computer began to run slow -- may still have a problem

Computer Behavior is now slow. Is it Performance or Elusive Infection?

Computer extremely slow please help

computer freezes and very slow after boot

computer as been slow

Comp Is Messed Up - Been Five Days With No Reply

Computer Dragging

Computer Being Sluggish

Computer continues to run with low performance

Computer acting very slow

Computer Gets Slow

Computer Going Slow

Computer In An Awful State Please Help Computer Really Slow And Not Able To Log On To Secure Sites

Computer Has Become Slow

Computer has become slow on browsing and tabs popup

Computer Getting Slower

Computer Has Been Acting Slow

Computer extra slow

Computer Has Virus - Very Slow Can't Run Explorer

computer going slowly

Computer is extremely slow and I know it's a virus

Computer Is Specifically Slow

Computer Is Extremely Slow When Opening Programs And Folders

computer is being slow

Computer Horribly Slow

computer has become SUPER slow

Computer is slow

Computer had PC protector and running extremely slow

Computer had virus still slow

Computer Is Slow (Constantly Processing)

Computer is running very slow

Computer Issues - Slowness

Computer is getting SLOW and SLOW day by day

Computer Is Slow. Something Might Be Wrong With It.

Computer is acting up.Search Engines don't work

Computer Lagging possibly virus

Computer is slow at random points due to virus(es)

Computer is slow for absolutely no reason

Computer Lag due to virus

computer is running extremely slow

Computer is unusually slow at all times

computer is running super slowly

Computer Is Slower Than Usual

Computer is super slow

Computer is crashing and super slow

Computer is running SUPER SLOW

computer loads up lots of programs and IE pages

Computer Is Just Plain Out Slow

Computer performance is super slow

Computer Operating Slow

Computer Moving Slowly And Sometimes Crashing

Computer Moving Very Slow

Computer is now running alot slower

Computer Much Slower Than Usual

Computer randomly got slow but can't find virus?

Computer REALLY Slow

Computer Is Slower That Usual

Computer Moves Slow

Computer Is Running Extremly Slower Than Normal

Computer running exceedingly slow

computer running real slow. [Moved]

Computer running REALLLLLLLLLLLLLL SLowwwwwwwwww

Computer Running Extremely Slow?

Computer running really slow. Help

computer running bad

Computer Running REALLY Slow.maybe virtumonde? Help please

computer running kinda slow.

computer running beyond slow

Computer running ridiculously slowly.virus?

Computer randomly shutting down. System restore messed up. Slow computer.

computer running severely slow

Computer Running Slow

Computer Running Slow Combofix Log

Computer Running Much Slower In The Few Days.

Computer running slow after uninstalling Java&Netbeans

Computer running DREADFULLY slow

Computer Running

Computer Running Slow - Hijack this log analysis?

computer running EXTREMELY slow (hijack this log)

Computer running slow & Windows error

Computer Running Slow and also does not recognize anti virues

Computer running a bit sluggish

Computer running a little slow

computer running a little slow recently

Computer running slow lots of malware?

Computer running slow crashes

Computer Running Slow- Help Please

Computer Running very very slow

Computer Running Slowly after Virus Removal

computer running very slow

Computer Running Very Slow - My Hjt Log.

Computer running slow for unexplained reason

Computer Not Running Well At All Lately

Computer Running Slow after a few minutes and CPU is often 100%

computer running slow/freezing

Computer running very slow. Suspected virus

Computer Running Slowly And Having Internet Problems

computer running incredibly slow

Computer Running Slow After Fix

Computer running incredibly slowly - could it be malware

Computer running very slowly

Computer running super sloooow. please view hijackthis log

Computer runs slow

Computer Running super slow for no apparent reason

Computer Running Slower / Possible Malware Problem

Computer Running Super Slow.Just want to have checked out

Computer running slower all the time

Computer Running Super Slowly

Computer Running Slow & Freezing.please Help

Computer Running Too Slow

Computer running slow and freezing at times - Snoozer.exe?

Computer running slow & Malware problem

Computer running slower and slower

Computer Running Slowly

Computer running extremely slowly

computer running slow - hijackthis log

Computer Running Slow - Slower Than It Should Be ;)

Computer Running Slow And Everything Is Messing Up

computer running slower than before

Computer runs incredibly slowly

computer running slow.might be spyware or malware

Computer running slower than molasses in January

Computer running very slow and internet not working - already run ComboFix

Computer Running Slow/Acting Weird

computer running slow after not using it for a year or more

Computer running slow-HijackThis log analysis help?

Computer Running Slower

Computer running very slow and internet not working - infected?

Computer running slow-Watch Series used a lot by wifey

Computer Running Slow Mbam log shows PUP.FCTPlugin

Computer is slow/freezes up

Computer running veeeery slow.

Computer Running Slow Or Should I Say Slooooow

Computer running sluggish

Computer running slow-- Possible virus?

Computer running verrry slow

computer running slow some page redirects

Computer Running So Slow

Computer running extremely slow after using SuperAntiSpyware

Computer running slow and theres nothing that is causing it by programs?

Computer Running Terribly Laggy

Computer runs slowly

Computer Slow

Computer Running Terribly Slow

Computer Running Extremely Slow -possible Spyware?

Computer Running Ultra Slow

Computer Running Tribly

Computer running unusually slow after virus scan and created free space

Computer running super slow - ecspecially internet

Computer Runs Slow And Web Pages Close Down

Computer Running Very Slow.Particularly During StartUp

Computer Runs Slow While Surfing

Computer running awfully slow

Computer Running Slower Then Should Be

Computer slow in downloading sites and pages

Computer Runs Very Slow

Computer running very sluggish before and after virus removal

Computer Running Very Slow After Install Of Sp3

Computer Runs Very Slow All The Time

Computer runs very slow at times

Computer Running Vista Shuts Down Unexpectedly

Computer Running Vista Will Only Load in Safe Mode

Computer Running Really Slow And Freezes

computer runs slower

computer slow on startup and browsing

Computer Running Slowly Please Help

Computer Running SSSllllllooooowwwwwww

computer slowdown

computer slowing and getting worse

computer running very slow - Trojan GenericBT was found

Computer runs slower than it should

Computer is slow today

Computer running very slow after removing smitfraud-c - Please help

Computer Running Very Slow / CPU 60%-100% / IE8-Firefox take too long to open

Computer still slow after going through the checklist

Computer Runs Very Very Slow

Computer runs

Computer seems to be going alot slower.

Computer Running Somewhat Slow

Computer slower

Computer still very slow

Computer Slow At A Critical Time

Computer slowness

computer started to run very slow---think its virus/malware

Computer slower every day

Computer Slower than Normal

Computer slower than usual.

computer slow and can't find the problem

Computer running slugishly.

Computer runs slow has loss many functions

Computer Running a lot Slower than Normal

Computer slowdown and program crashes

Computer Too Slow To Use

Computer very slow response times

Computer very sluggish recently

Computer slowing down. Downloaded several softwares. Help

Computer Unusually Slow

Computer seems extra slow. freezes. What Do?

Computer was running very slowly

computer slowdowns and freezes

computer very slow trouble opening programs sometimes.

Computer slowly being shut down by virus

Computer Sluggish and Crashing

Computer Very Slow Infected With Many Things

Computer very slow responding

Computer Slowness - Issues

Computer works too haltingly at times.


Computer's Really Slow On Performance

computer sometimes slow

Comupter being slower and uses more resources

Computer slows down after opening a few programs

Computer's Slow

Computer Unbelievably Slow

Computer working slowly.

CPU Running Very Slow Suspect Virus

Custom PC moving extremely slow for no real reason.

Dead slow computer

Deeo Virus? Slow

Decent Computer Bogged Down

Desktop computer running slow

desktop is very slow

Do I have a virus? Comp is really slow.

Do I have a virus? Computer running slow

Downloading Thumbnails- Ie6 -vs- Firefox.memory Issue

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