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computer cpu goes 100% all the time

Computer Browsing is slow and CPU Usage is High

Computer CPU's get maxed out

computer freezing and cpu usage going crazy

computer freezes and shows 100% CPU usage

Computer has inexplicably slowed down to unusable speeds and stays at 100% CPU.

Computer Is Exceeding Slow

COmputer gets to 100% CPU useage but the amounts don't add up in task manager

Computer running Extremely Slow (CPU USAGE=100%)

Computer running 100cpu

Computer loads up at 100%CPU Usage. Need help

Computer Slow - Taskmgr.exe Using 99% of CPU

computer slowed down recently/ cpu at 100%

Computer Shuts off if CPU hits 100% just for a minute

Computer slowness - memory/CPU usage high

Computer sometimes hangs under 100% CPU load

Computer very slow. 100% cpu usage.

Computer slow and to load and high CPU Usage

computer very slow - 'services.exe' max's out cpu

Computer slow to load and CPU usage is high

Computer with audio ads virus and 100% cpu usage

Computer slow WmiPrvNv.exe using up half of cpu usage

Connect to network and cpu goes to 100

Computer uses 100% cpu

Constant 100% CPU Load

Constantly high CPU Usage

Constant High CPU usage XP SP3

cpu 100% usage

CPU perfomance Sky high

CPU suddenly 100% on trying to open Task Manager

CPU runs at 100% when starting up

CPU permanently runs at 100%

CPU never idles but taskmanager etc. show 0% CPU usage

Cpu Problem? Or Is It Xp Itself?

CPU at 100%

CPU 100% used

Cpu Loads At 100%

Cpu At 100% Because Of emproxy.exe What Is This Do I Need It?

CPU being maxed out

Cpu @ 100%

cpu usage 50% continuously

CPU at 100% usage

CPU overusage

CPU is always running at 100% running XP pro SP3

CPU spikes freezing computer

CPU is at almost 100 percent usage

Cpu Hits 100%

CPU Usage around 80% most of the time

cpu usage almost 100%

Cpu Usage Almost Always 100%

CPU peaks at 100% with common tasks - Can't identify the problem

CPU Usage at 100 percent and computer is running very slow

CPU keeps boosting to 100% after about 5 min

CPU Usage Always Around 50%

CPU usage abnormally high

CPU pegged at 100% & Trojan Messages

CPU pegged at 100%

cpu usage reaches 100% easily

CPU usage and a few general problems.

CPU Process usage runs 100% most of the time

CPU usage Always above 50% & Memory Usage Always Above 75%.

CPU usage always above 50%

CPU Usage Problem

CPU Up and down

Cpu Usage At 100% - Explorer.exe Problem?

CPU usage and computer slowdown

CPU Usage running 60-90% when Idol

CPU Usage at 100% all the time

Cpu Usage At 0%

cpu usage suddenly jumps to 100 % and my whole system lags like hell from past 2 week ?

CPU usage through the roof. Possible rootkit?

CPU usage at 100% always when on internet?

CPU Usage

CPU usage at 100% always?

CPU Usage too high on fresh Windows 7

CPU randomly stopping and shutting down all processes

CPU 50%-100%

CPU Maxing out

cpu usage 100 percent

cpu usage at 100% w/o program activity

CPU Usage at 100% notebook running veryyyy slow.

CPU Usage Too High Please Help

cpu usage & etc.

cpu usage at 100% often

CPU Usage up 100%

CPU Usage Problems

Cpu Usage Runs At 100% For Long Periods Of Time

CPU usage very high 50-90 percent after virus removal

Cpu At 100% Whenever I Load A Program.

Cpu Hi usage

CPU Useage at 100% all the time

Cpu Usage Shoots Up To 100 Causing Lag Spike - Hijackthis Log Inc

CPU usage soaring

CPU Usage Spike When Task Manager Is Not Open?

CPU high

CPU usage sky-rocketing

Cpu Utilization Goes To 90+% On Random Applications

cpu usage 100% all the time

Cpu Utilization At 100% Using Browsers?

CPU extremely high unless task manager

Cpu Usage Spikes And Explorer.exe Running Unusually High

CPU vs Facebook games

CPU is always about 90 to 100%

CPU usage 100% all the time. Chinese pirates suspected

CPU goes to 100%

Cpu Constantly At 49%-53%

CPU Usage drastically increases when I move my mouse

CPU is very high and will go to a 100% when using Internet exploxer

CPU Usage Spiking after installing stream software for viewing the Olympics

Cpu Always Over 90% Usage

CPU Usage Stays at 100 percent.

Cpu Usage Is Always 50%. Sometimes Computer Is Frozen

CPU Usage Goes to 100% after 30 Minutes

CPU always runs at 100% according to my task manager

Cpu Usage Stays At 100% All The Time

CPU usage stuck at 100%

Cpu Loads At 100% When I Play My Game

Cpu Running @ 100 %

cpu near 100%

Cpu Usage Periodically Spikes To 40-50% When Idle

Cpu Usage Randomly Hits 100%

CPU Usage High 100%- Laptop Windows 7

Cpu Overloaded; Super Slow Please Help

CPU usage is at at 100% all the time.

Cpu Stays At 100%

CPU 100% Computer very slow

cpu 100% for last two weeks

CPU usage is frightening

CPU cycles up when it's not being used.

CPU Usage high with Windows 7 64 Bit

cpu usage high without obvious reason

CPU 100% Help Please.

Cpu Usage At 100%- Possible Malware?

CPU Usage at 75% to 100% constant

CPU 100% Net disconnects + Random freezes

CPU usage constant 100% whenever a 3D application is open

Cpu Usage At 25% At 'idle'

CPU spiking. services to blame?

CPU Usage at constant 98-100%

Cpu Usage By Svchost And Explorer.exe

CPu spiking to 80-100% randomly. PC Locking up for 2-10 seconds.

CPU full virus?

CPU Usage maxed out

CPU usage at 100%

CPU Usage goes to 100% over 80 processes running

CPU Usage High.Nothing Running

CPU usage is all over the place

CPU Usage at 100% then stays there

CPU usage 100% - cmd.exe

CPU usage at or near 0%

CPU Usage 100%

CPU usage crazy

CPU Usage constantly high

Cpu Usage Near 80-100% - Ie New Tabs Locking Up

CPU Processes Going High

cpu usage 100% pid 1204

CPU Usage peaking regularly

CPU is at 100%

CPU usage is at 100% all the time

cpu usage always at 100% ?

cpu usage jumps around.

Cpu Usage And I Explore

CPU usage 75%+

Crazy Cpu Usage Fluctuation

Cpu Usage A Bit Jump Goes To 100 Percent Then Drops

CPU Usage Issues

CPUUPS usage Goes to +75%

CPU usage running at 100% w/o program activity

CPU Running high?

CPU usage 100%. Internet not working.

Cpu spiking randomly and cannot go to start>all programs?

CPU always at 99% and random new tabs in firefox

CPU Usage in Task Manager Very High - PresentationHost.exe memory usage

CPU usage 50%

Cpu Usage At 100% Constantly

CPU usage keep on 100%

CPU usage being v. strange

CPU Usage maxizes out when I lauch any application

CPU Usage very high

CPU usage pulsing

CPU maxing out problem

Crawling Speed. Task Manager shows 100% CPU Usage

CPU usage randomly goes up causing sound distortion

Cpu Pegs At 100%

Cpu Usage Really High

Cpu Usage Will Shoot Up To 100%

CPU Usage at high levels (30-70%)

CPU usage goes to 100% when I connect to WiFi

Cpu Usage Is Always 100%?

CPU at 80 to 100%

CPU fluctuations / high usage Vista home premium

CPU usage spikes and 2 things of explorer

CPU Usage Unusually High

CPU usage 100% nothing open

CPU running at near 100% with nothing open

CPU usage maxes for long peroids/ slow machine

CPU usage when idle = 49-52 % :-(

CPU usage running very high not sure if I'm infected

dllhost.exe*32 putting CPU usage at 100% plz help

Do I Have A Virus? Cpu Is At 100% Please Help

downloaded a program that used 100% cpu

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