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Connecting a Laptop to use my Desktops broadband connection?.

connecting a samsung r610 laptop to a panasonic tv

Computer suddenly is running at low speeds and pop-ups

Configuring Modem Router?

connecting to modem

Considering selling or donating computer w/ Windows Vista

Concerning Cracked Files in Illegally Distributed Software

Configuring XP as a Back-up for Network Computers

Confirmed - I have System Security Virus - Need Help

Constant ads and extra tabs popping up in browsers

Constant Barrage of Random Popup-Ads Every Several Minutes

computers infected

Connect to internet

Computer still seems to be infected even after Windows reinstall

Continous pop-ups

Constant sponsored ads and redirects

Constant redirections on multiple browsers/devices

Constant Pop Ups Through Ie

constant redirects

Consistantly slow wireless connection

Constant pop-ups and way too many ads

contacts are not getting Blocked

Connecting Surroud Sound to Laptop

Continued MBR removal on second PC

Constant Redirects/popups

Connectivity Problems~Possible Malware Threat

Continuing redirect issues

Constant Unwanted Popup spamware

Constant redirects and pop-ups

Constant popups from both IE and Firefox

Constant Pop-ups Need It Fixed For Work

constant multiplication of iexplore.exe process

Configuring A Laptop Into The English Language

Constantly getting IE popups when in IE and firefox

Constant redirects in all browsers

constant redirects in browsers to cannot load page when connected.

Connecting Window 7 to a Remote Printer

Constant Popups

Constant Upload/Dwnld even without browser opened?

Constant uploading

Constant Norton Anti-virus Blocking.

Continual Trojan Horse Infection

Continuing infection despite removal

Connecting to network computers

Continuously re-infected. Advanced user lost. Logs included.

Constant IE Popping Up/Redirects

Constant Pop-up

Continuous pop-ups

Connections issues after infection

control internet activity on network

Continual Reinfections - Help Please

Constant Scrolling Ads- What can I run to elimintate them?

Constant Google Chrome Popups

Constant popups appearing

Constantly infected with spyware/malware

Continuing malware issues

Control Panel Not Removing Ad-ware.?

copy favorites to a CD

Controlling internet usage / traffic monitor

Copying User Account Files

Constant Redirection to Random Ad Sites

Constantly infected system files.

Constant Redirects When Clicking Legitimate Links on All Devices

Copy Of Photo Draw

copy & paste from gmail into spreadsheet not working

Copy & Paste from scanned doc

Constant pop ups from Spybot Search and Destroy about spigot

Constant Popups And Maybe Worse

copying WinXP CD

convert pdf to a file I can put on cd or dvd

corrupted downolad

Corrupt Messages In C:\\

Copying A Copyrighted Cd

Constantly redirected when using firefox and IE8

Copy Operating system to another boot drive

Constant Bigdispatch.com And Goodrumour.com Pop Ups

Copying Photographs To Cd

Copying Music from Discs

Copying Pictures and Doc's to CD

Copying DVDs

Copying To Disc

copying programs and files

Copying Favorites

Constant sound of opening/closing programs


Constant google re-direct

Correcting Incorrect Upgrade Eligibility Info

Corrupted Disk

Corrupt Hard drive

Copy files to thumb drive off the web

Constantly ads will popup everytime I click the link in a search engine

Corrupt Files because of Virus?

Cookie Problems

Corrupted files Fix

Copyright Question

Corrupted Files On C:/

Corrupt file popup on numerous programs

Corrupt Windows 8 or Serious Virus?---Many missing windows files

Could Malware have deleted or hidden a User?

Corrupted Hard Drive

Copying my operating system to another harddrive

Copying To Dvd

Constant pop-ups and link redirects in all browsers

Copy Windows Media(tm) Video File To Disc For Dvd Player

Continuous Pop-ups Help

Constant Popups And Missing Pxsttgqi.dll File

Corrupt c: drive

constant IE pop-up adverts.

couldnt use any keyboard with bootable usb-stick

Constant redirecting while browsing. MbAM keeps blocking random ips

CPU not diverting when running games

Corrupted files Office - How to recover them

CPU at work had a Trojan was told by IT to run combofix at home.

Could you please help me to delete a virus?

Corrupted files/damaged hard drive

Corrupted image files in vista

Couple of things starts failing but I don't know the cause.

Could some one please check up on my system?

counter.fastclick.net + No secruity will work

Corrupt email

Coputer infected by USER PROTECTION

Could Somebody Just Check This Log For Me

Copying Picture In My Yahoo Mail Onto A Cd

cpu lock

Controlling Other Computers

Corrupted Windows files causing hardware failure.

Copy Operating System

Corrupt Connection? Can't delete Trojans

Control computer

Corrupted Office 2007 Files.

Converting Realplayer Files To Something Usable

Couple of Malware issues with rootkits

Could someone help me with my computer please?

Cranky wireless internet connection

Cpu novice pc is infected with something

Could I Have Conflict Problems

Cpu Draging dont know whats wrong

Could I Maybe Be Infected?

Corrupt Fast Images

Could you review the report ?

Could it be that my computer is infected?

Create a New Partition

Could Somebody Just Check To See If This Is Clean.

Crashed Laptop

Crazy Annoying Malware

Crazy Malware/Spyware

Created new user account

Created another user account

Creating admin account

Creating user account without the ability to install anything?

Crazy pop-ups Chrome - how to delete?

Creating Music Folders

Crashed Os

Cpu was infected with virus. Deleted most of it but cant fully remove

CPU.EXE infection.

creating new directories

Crypted files

Create New Partition

Crypted files virus

Corrupted registry

Crome infected with deal slider

Cryp Tap 2 Virus Locked Up My Hard Drive?

Create partition/Windows install

creating a new internet connection from scratch

Creating partitions prior to installing XP on a new drive

Creating Pdf Files From Word

csrss.exe - Blank Description - Win 7SP1

create custom flash wrapper to email friends

csrss.exe error- Infected with rootkit

CPU Clock Speed reduced

Creates User accounts

Creating a boot disk on a blank cd

Crashed Hard.please Help.


Creating A Virus?

Creating folders

Cryptolocker or Torlocker infection

Creating Dvds

Csrss Worm/malware?

Creating Favourites Help Please

currupted readyboost file

Csrss.exe infection

Csrss.exe is infected PLEASE HELP

CryptoWall 2.0 Anything Good about Buying you Keys?

Cryp Tap-2 Cannot Remove Infections

Crypto Locker Malware Removed - Files Still Encrypted

Cscript as a malware

csrss.exe virus in windows 7

Cursor is Constantly Loading Something; Causing Lag

Csrss.exe Virus

Curious About Certain Stuff.

Creating a partition

Crazy unknown Windows XP Infection Issue

Create A Log Of All Files And Programs Opened

Creating Icons in Win 8

Crystal Rpt Viewer causes ADWARE to run

csrss.exe trojan

Cryptolocker effected files recovery

Cursor has Strange stickykeys-like behavior

cut down on buffering

Csrss.exe With Strange Pop-ups

Custom Labels - Rows Limited to 5 - But Have Sheet of 10

D drive full of folders with padlocks containing eula

Darned Infections

Cyber Security malware infection

Dark Video

Damaged Program File

Cyber Locker Ransom Ware (I think) tried to clean

Csrss.exe Problem Malware Virus

Custom screen saver and music

Cut & Paste into Web browser

Data Recovery File infection

Dcoh Exploit Trying To Access My Pc All The Time

Data Recovery Malware is KILLING me

Data Restore infection

Data Restore Virus on my Work Computer

Cyberlink Power2go Express

Darksma Infection And Pop-ups Everywhere

Data recovery virus on windows 7

CryptoLocker has encrypted files.

Daily 7 News and other Pop Ups issue

Daily routine of deleting viruses.

Data Restore Virus

Cscript.exe as malware

Damaged File in Downloaded Programs

Deep Rootkit

Data Restore Virus on my HOME computer

dedicated video card solve problem?

DDS won't create Notepad logs.

De-crypt a folder

Deep Hidden Malware ? Slow Delay Opening Programs

Dealing with infection (IE ads popping up

Data Recovery Virus

Deeply infected computer

Default audio device

Defaging With No Control Pannel

Dealing with the redirected java script warning page when i am trying to turned off java script contents

Definitely Infected: Google Search Redirect/Unwanted Ads

Definitely been infected with malware

Defense Against Corporate Spyware

DealsFinderPro infested a relative's laptop

Default Image Program

Default XP Color Settings

Definate Malware/adware. Impossible To Get Rid Of

Definitely infected with malware - can't find solution

DDS & GMER scan results for review for malware

deleted an excel spreadsheet

Deleted Critical Files

definite malware problem-Avast not much help. Suspected Trojans

Date stamp wrong when saving files.

Delete On Reboot

Default Browser Popups

Deleted Service Pack 2

Deleted Think Point and it made pc like a brand new

Definite Spyware And Virus Please Help I Tried Many Things. Hjt Attached

Deleating A Download

Delete files in downloads

Deleting undeletable folders & files-Windows 8

Delete Prog

Deleted Gmail messages

Deleting Programs

Deleting partition

Defragging Vista Business

Deleting saved public wi fi spots

Delete locked files

Decisions. Please Help

deleted temp files (system check)

Deleted infected windows files and now windows problems?

Definitely A Virus/trojan.how To Format Now?

delete search toolbar

Deleted the rogue AV system security manually after running combofix

Delete Or Reboot Computer Administrator

deleteing copy&paste from emails

Deleting Words

deleting permanently

Deleting The Hidden Browser History In Xp Home

Deleting Stuff Of My Pc

Deleting junk files etc.

Deleting AV folder

Deleting a protected file.

Deleting other copy of XP

Deleting Logon Windows

deleting malware infection

Dell GX280 apparent virus problem

Deleting Generic Users?

Defender detects spyware in C:\Program Files (x86)\timesink

Deleting my computer data

Dell Studio laptop infected?

Deleting Mywebsearch

Deleting A Partition

Delete antivirus 360

Deleting Second Boot From Boot List

Dell Visa laptap has virus

Dell laptop has 2 trojans I can't remove--Help

Deleting autorun.inf folder

definitely not a Malware issue per B.C. advisor

Deleting exe files ok?

Deleting one OS

dell laptop partition problem

Department of Justice Virus unlocked but still kicking

Deleting Icons

Deleting Old Operating Systems

Delta Toolbar and Funmoods Need Help Removing

Delete Xp Hard Disk Partition

Design the perfect hardware for accessing the internet

designte anti virus

Deleting An Os From Laptop

Deleted Computer History

Dell Lattitude E6400 cd/dvd tray not opening

Defender And Wsus

Deleting Corrupt Folder

Deleting a program

Deleting a stubborn program icon from desktop

dell inspiron wifi hotkey

Dell Laptop Possibly Infected Seriously

Desktop application removal

Desktop changed to 'Your System is Infected'

Desktop Display Options Locked Out

Desktop changed and files hidden

Desktop Infected With Adware.

Defender Requires Manual Start

Desktop Popup

Desktoplayer and redirected searches

Desktop orientation

Deleted virus - now I cannot see / access my file folders

desktoplayer.exe/BitDefender/other? infection(s)

Deleting Corrupt Files

Desktop Infected With Malware

Desktop And Browser Infected?

Deleting everything but Vista?

Deleting Unwanted Parts In A Dvd

Delete A File

Desktop infected

Desktop displays Your personal files are encrypted by CTB-Locker.

Determine which program is creating files in the %temp% directory

Desktop and Laptop Computers Both Had their Passwords Reset

Desktop Link Removal


Details of second work pc

Desktop PC with csrss.exe malware (Attn NASDAQ)

Desktop window manager is disabled after removing trojan with tdsskiller

Detecting Browsing/internet History On Home Wireless Network?

detection and cleaning software will not run

desktop reboot

detecting but not removing

Detecting Malware

Desktop Infection

Desktop Text And Icons Surrounded By Blue

Desktop Issue [Computer 2]

Detecting Malware by Sniffing at Home or Enterprise Level

Desperate help USBs causing crash

Desktop appears to be infected by malware that does this:

Desktop Too Big For Screen. Have to Scroll Desktop?

Desperately Need Help Getting Rid Of Virtumonde And Popups

Dialer Problem - Slow Connecting To Internet

detecting malwares

Did I screw myself with my motherboard purchase?

Did i sucessfully removed the infection?

Did I get rid of malware?

Did I get rid of my spyware?

Difficult Antivirus removal

Did A System Restore But Want To Make Sure Everything Is Clean

Desktop Virus And Pop Ups

Desktop has virus

Difficulites Filling In Forms

Did malware mess something up? Can't open programs

Did I remove everything?Hello everyone

Disable opendns

Disable or unistall antivirus to use a different one

Disable Abdobe/Java/iTunes startups?

DHCP Turned Off

Dirty Decrypt Photo Recovery Solutions

Dirty Laptop

Dirty Laptop - Marketscore Spyware & Other Infections

Disable IME

Did I backup my HDD correctly?

Disable Malware Bytes

Directdr.com redirects - FRUSTRATING

disable Malwarebytes

Disabled McAfee AV

Disabling All But One Site For Business Computer

Disabling Internet Access

Disabled Norton temporarily

Different viruses and I don't know how to clean

Display and Keyboard changed by malware. HELP Please

DirtyDecrypt : how to decrypt the encrypted images

disconnect from Internet?

Disabled Devices following a virus

Did I fully get rid of Antivirus Live?

disable win 7 ports

difficult trojan removal

disconnect networking

Disable @ Startup

Disk Partitioning in windows 7

Disable Account

Difficulty With File Recovery and TDSS Rootkits

DiskChecker Malware

disable antivirus and can't update window

Disc Finalisation

Disabling Antispyware

Digital Pens And Word 2003

Disable firewall temporarily

Disabled Services Virus?

Disabling cookies?

Disk C: Corrupted

Disk format

Disabled AVG

Difficult Malware

Disk Drive and Printer don't work

Disabling drive D

disabling firewall

Disposing of Your Pc

Disabling an antivirus program


dll problem

disabling script blockers

DMW.exe (firefox) - automatically running malicious URLs

DLL errors.

Disable internet except for web email

Disbaled Task Manager And Irritating Pop-ups

Display and Monitor Don't match

Disinfect My Usb

dlllibrary.dll missing

dll file problem

DLL issue

Disabled firewalls

Dll Messages

DLL missing

Display on windows 7 shrinks

Dll's missing

Display Doent Work Properly.malware Or Burn Out?

dns changer i think.maybe more

Do I delete second Programmes?

Do i have a computer tracker software installed on my computer?

Dll File Error

Do I have a Virus/Malware?

Do I Have A Hidden Spyware/virus I Can't Find?

Do I Have Spyware/malware?

DLNA help needed please

Do I have a hidden virus?

DNS server change

do i have a keylogger installed

Do I have Spyware or is this list just BLOATED?

Do I have a keylogger?

dll problems

Do I have a Virus? How do I get rid of it?

Do i have a Keylogger? or something like it.

dll problems afte antivirus 2009

Do I have a MalWare or other bad program?

Do I Have Any Keyloggers Or Virus's?

Do I Have Win Xp Firewall Up? And Can I Shut It Down? How?

Do I have a virus/Maleware?

Do I have to go to Windows 7

Do I Have Spyware?


do i still have black internet virus?

Do I just throw my laptop out now?

Do I still have some malware?

Do I Still Have Spyware?

Do you recognize this virus?

do my computer have infected?

Do i need to nuke my hard drive?

Does a keylogger captures before you sing in to Windows?

Do you uninstall anti-spyware programs when upgrading to 7

Do I need to reformat and wipe clean?

Does Searchqu.com can be transferred from USB flash disk?

Do I have spy ware

Does Firefox Block Internet Explorer?

Dont Have A Program To Look At Screenshots

does formatting a usb disk make it secure for future use ?

Does my computer have an infection?

Does System Restore Fix Virus Burst

Does windows 8 have default settings?

Does Hibernating Cause Hard Drive Clutter?

Does someone want to actually help or say something? Internet randomly turns off when accessing the web

Do you have your hardrives backed up?

Does anyone know about cdn.montiera? Browser hijacker?

Do you see anything bad with my computer

Does windows log transfers from drive to drive ?

DOC XLS PDF unable to open but no popup about ransom

Does My Laptop Have Bluetooth.

Does my log seem clean?

Docs turned into shortcuts. Corruption/virus or both?

Does Kasperskey scan registry.

Done a lot of reading

Does QuickRestore eliminate adware

Domain Blocking + Ie_search_redirect + Disable Firefox.

Do I Have A Keylogger/spyware/trojan?

Don't Think I Have A Malware Issue But Can't Figure Out Browser Issue

Don't know if I have a virus?

Does this log look clean?

DOJ and FBI moneypak cant boot safe

does adwcleaner automatically quarantine

Dont have admin rights?

Don't Think I Have A Problem But Would Like To Check It Out.

Do temp files clog up the system?

Don't know for sure if my hubby's laptop got a virus or else

Downloaded a movie and it did some weird stuff

Doors slamming

Downloaded The Wrong Program

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