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Comp keeps retarting

Compuer Restarts itself shortly after loading up.

Computer constanly restarting

Computer constantly rebooting

computer continually rebooting itself

Computer forcibly restarts every few seconds

computer is rebooting it's self

Computer Keeps Restarting While Trying To Run An Anti-spyware Program

Computer keeps restarting and won't boot past Windows start screen

Computer Keeps Restarting after a certain time frame

Computer just keeps restarting

Computer restart over over again

Computer reboots before finishing startup

Computer Reboots Consistently. Virus Or Something Else?

Computer reboots after saying windows is starting up

Computer restarts once windows screen loader starts

Computer Reboots Alot

Computer rebooting on its own and installing programs

Computer restarting automatically after Windows boot

Computer randomly reboots over and over

Computer Rebooted Itself

Computer Reboots Itself

computer resets itself or freezes when starting

Computer Restarts at BIOS

Computer reboots over and over

Computer restarts itself

Computer won't stop restarting

Computer Won't Stop Rebooting Itself

Constant BSOD and restarts itself

Continious boots because of virus

constant restarting after update

Continuous Reboot of System

Constantly Restarting

Constantly Reboots After Windows Splash Screen.

Constant rebooting of computer

Constantly restarts before login screen

Continual restarts

Constant Restarting At Startup

Dell XPS M1530 with Vista Home Premium keeps restarting on its own

Desktop is restarting unexpectedly.what to do?

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