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Comp shuts down restarts repeatedly

Computer Boots Up To The Windows Screen Then Shuts Down And Restarts.? Help

Computer automatically shuts down in safe mode during Malwarebytes & SuperAntiSpyware scans

Computer comes to halt after 25 - 30 Min

Computer Dies Without A Warning

Computer all the sudden shuts down randomly (stays on about 5-10 mins)

Comp Shuts Down For Some Reason.

Computer Completely Shut Down

Computer Automatically Shuts Down In Safe Mode.

Computer instant shut down without warning

Computer is shutting off without warning.

Computer Intermittently Powers Off

Computer Keeps Shutting Off When I Run Online Virus Scan

Computer keeps spontaneously shutting down--could it be a virus?

Computer Just Shuts Off Randomly

Computer just shuts off without warning

Computer Just Switching Itself Off.

Computer Just Shuts Off.

Computer keeps shuting down after windows loads.

Computer Just Shuts Down.

computer keeps shutting down for no reason

Computer Keeps Shutting Down On It's Own

Computer keeps getting shut down by virus

computer randomly shutting off and other problems.

Computer Randomly Shutting Down.

Computer Just Clicks Off

Computer Randomly shuts itself down

Computer randomly shuts off

Computer randomly shuts off and icons switch unexpectedly

Computer Powers off

Computer Randomly Shutting Off

computer just closed down

Computer randomly shuts down

Computer randomly shuts down (No overheating)

Computer runs erratically - shutsdown

Computer randomly turns off

Computer Randomly Shut Off

computer shut down unexpectedly.

Computer shutting off

computer shutting down for no reason

Computer Shut's Down

Computer shuts down during virus scans

Computer shuts down when starting games.

Computer shutting off for no apparent reason

Computer shut down.

Computer shuts down while running antivirus/adware programs

Computer shuts down frequently - MTB results

Computer shutting off randomly

Computer Shut Off

Computer shutting down randomly

computer shuts down if hibernated

Computer shuts down before Windows opens

Computer shuts down by itself or freezes at random times

Computer shuts down in early AM

Computer shuts down without notice

Computer shuts down

Computer shuts down during virus scan

Computer Shuts Down When Running A Variety Of Virus /adaware Scans

computer shuts off randomly

computer shuts down on it's own

Computer shuts off?

Computer Shutsdown

Computer Slow And Shuts Down Intermittently

Computer shutting down

Computer shuts down on startup but maybe hardware issue.

Computer shuts down randomly

Computer Shut Down For No Reason

computer shut down radomly

Computer starts then immediately shuts down

Computer shuts down regularly

Computer Shutting Down Sometimes

Computer shutting off abruptly

Computer Shuts Off Abruptly

Computer Turning Off

Computer shuts down at welcome screen

Computer turns off

Computer Turning Off Randomly

Computer Shuts Down Before Antispyware Can Complete

Computer Turns Off For No Reason

Computer Shuts Down For No Reason

computer switches off when running antivirus program

Computer Shuts Down When Booting Up In Safe-mode

computer shuts down when i run any scans with AV etc

Computer Shuts Down With No Warning

Computer stops working- no warning- cannot even shut down

Computer Unexpectedly Shutting Down

Computer shuts down right after starting.

computer turns off after twenty minutes

Computer Turns off Randomly

computer turns off middle of operation

Computer Turns Off Sometimes

Computer turns off without warning

Computer virus/spyware - laptop shuts down during virus scan

Computer shuts down on internet access or running AVG

Copyright virus shuts down Vista 3 seconds after appearance of desktop

Cpu Shut Itself Off During A Scan

Custom built 7 Pc shuts down after 15 minutes

Desktop shutting down

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