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comp slow and locking up

Computer crashes and internet is slower

Computer Extremely Slow and Freezes constantly

Computer freezing and getting critically slower and slower

computer freeaes and isvery slowwww

Computer freezes up & is very slow

computer freezes and is very slowwww

Computer Freezing And Lags (very New Problems)-

Computer Freezing/Slowing

computer goes slow and freezes often

Computer Got Slow And Freezes Sometimes

computer freezing often and running slowly

Computer crashes/freezes and detects alot of spyware

Computer Freezing Terribly

Computer Gets Slow then locks up

Computer Is Slow And Freezes

Computer Going Real Slow/programs Crashing


Computer Is Very Slow And Freezes Sometimes

Computer is slow and locking up.No idea what is wrong.

Computer is very slow and hangs up often

Computer is very slow and crashes.

Computer Is Lagging And Freezing

Computer is extremely unresponsive and lags/freezes at times

Computer freezing/Very slow/

computer is slow/freezes after loading up

Computer problem. Slow and freezing.

Computer Lagging & Freezing

Computer Running Slow & Locking

Computer plagued by slowdowns and freezes--help

computer running slow and often freezing

Computer runs slow and freezes. Infection or to many things running?

Computer running too slow and freezing all the time

Computer Slow And Freezing

Computer Runs Slow And Freezes

Computer severly slow

Computer runs slow and occasionally hangs.

computer slow and keeps on stopping

Computer Slow Downs And Freezing

Computer Runs Super Slow and Hangs Up

Computer slow and rebooting when running scans. Antivirus doesn't work.

Computer running slowly and locking up after virus removal

Computer Slow / Progs Crashing & Freezing

Computer slowing down and freezing

Computer Still Sluggish/freezes. Tried Everything I Know.

Computer Temporarily Freezing And Jerky

Computer slows down - freezes - Vista or Hardware

Computer Will Freeze & Lag.

Computer very slow and constantly crashing

Computer Seems To Be Slow And Freezes Often

Computer Very Slow And Constantly Freezes.

computer very slow and freezing up

Computers freezing or running verrrry slow

Constant freezing and very slow

Crashing Or Jamming On Spyware

currupted java /slow internet/ frequint email virus's

Dll Error Message Followed By Slow Running Computer

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