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Defragmented Or Not?


Diskeeper is what I have sed for years and continue to use. Get BoostSpeed for only $39.57 reg. $59.95 and make your PC faster Today! And even when he finally admits he was wrong, he criticizes my analysis in broad terms without linking to it and pointing to particular technical issues.It's not fair play, but your Example[edit] Consider the following scenario, as shown by the image on the right: An otherwise blank disk has five files, A through E, each using 10 blocks of space (for this

Blog Latest Greatest Hits Dev Tool List Podcast Hanselminutes This Developer's Life Ratchet & The Geek Speaking Speaking/Videos Presentations Tips Books ASP.NET 4.5 ASP.NET MVC 4 Relationship Hacks © Copyright 2016, Defragmenter snap-in files have been de-registered If you have recently installed and then uninstalled a third party defragmenter program, your built in defragmenter may not have been restored properly. This blog post is my correction. In my experiments, I haven't been able to reproduce defrag when the volume fragmentation was below 10%, but saw defrag at 11%.

Defrag Hard Drive Windows 10

What you are saying must be some sort of urban myth. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. When a disk gets fragmented, a singular file can exist in pieces in different locations on a physical drive. Flag Permalink Reply This was helpful (2) Collapse - Defrag only when free space on a drive is minimal by Leslie Satenstein / September 10, 2011 10:45 AM PDT In reply

As such, the NAND die never see the process.Robert YoungSaturday, 06 December 2014 21:06:04 UTCI'm even more confused now.I followed Vadim's instructions to disable defragging.So are you saying that Vadim is Used NAND cells (the parts of flash memory that holds the data) must be erased before they can be written to. But do you really need to manually trigger a defrag these days? How To Defrag A Computer Windows 7 I have never understood all the blather about this very simple subject.http://blogs.msdn.com/b/e7/archive/2009/01/25/disk-defragmentation-background-and-engineering-the-windows-7-improvements.aspx Flag Permalink Reply This was helpful (6) Collapse - Defrag Directions by noneill1 / September 10, 2011 9:39 AM

Fragmentation: The Condition, the Cause, the Cure. Define Defragment This is the only way to end misleading interpretations.As for your lost comments, I have a copy of the entire page before the loss http://1drv.ms/1u2YYyF (it'll be public until you restore For me at least defragging is a thing of the past.

July 25, 2014 John Geldreich If Windows 7 automatically disables defrag on SSDs, it must do so behind the scenes. And does it always defrag the file system on an SSD, or does it only do it if a certain limit is exceeded? (I suspect the latter, but ...

Retrieved 2008-12-27. ^ Hanselman, Scott (3 December 2014). "The real and complete story - Does Windows defragment your SSD?". What Is Defragment In early versions of Windows, it could not be safely defragmented while the partition was mounted, and so Microsoft wrote a hardblock in the defragmenting API. on a certaing day and this is done weekly. Gamers will always need big, fast HDDs but those who require reliability, with modern drives, may be forced to use quadruple, hot swappable, RAID systems.

Define Defragment

Uninstall everything you don't use - a good uninstaller (like the one that comes with Advanced System Care 4) will also remove bits that 'get left behind' - but it's still Dave Kleiman, Laura Hunter, Mahesh Satyanarayana, Kimon Andreou, Nancy G Altholz, Lawrence Abrams, Darren Windham, Tony Bradley and Brian Barber (2006) Winternals: Defragmentation, Recovery, and Administration Field Guide – Syngress (ISBN Defrag Hard Drive Windows 10 You can schedule it to run at night or some other time when you are not using it. Defrag Computer Windows 8 Retrim is necessary because of the way TRIM is processed in the file systems.

ext4 is somewhat backward compatible with ext3, and thus has generally the same amount of support from defragmentation programs. Writing to empty blocks on an SSD is faster that writing to blocks in use as those need to be erased before writing to them again. Flag Permalink Reply This was helpful (31) Collapse - Win 7 defrag doesn't work. Until now they did it reduce writes to the disk. How Long Does Defragmenting Take

whether it's yet another fantasy of yours or a specific info from the PG. Defragging is still an important thing to do on any computer it can speed up your computer and also save wear and tare on the hard drives. Spinrite is a non-destructive formatter that does low level and high level formatting, and pattern testing, before putting the data back. For other uses, see Defrag (disambiguation). "Disk Defragmenter" redirects here.

My backup 1 TB disk is one EXT 4 partition. Does Windows 10 Automatically Defrag Third... There should be a KB Article as so many people are confused. @Scott Thank you for working hard on talking to all the folks outside of MSFT.

Type chkdsk /r, and type Y when asked if you want the disk checker to run the next time the computer is started.

I guess if Scott looked into the evidence before making his claims, he'd come up with the correct answer sooner.Vadim SterkinThursday, 04 December 2014 15:39:24 [email protected] Microsoft categorically state they do I too would never even use microsoft's junky defrag I'd rather install a third party for that.

July 24, 2014 Mark Buechler I find that CCleaner and MalWareBYTES in Safe Mode Bottom line: Upgrade to an SSD and your PC will be fast enough to leave defrag where it belongs: a distant memory. How Many Passes Defrag In the work environment using a proxy you cannot access automatic updates.

See All See All ZDNet Connect with us © 2017 CBS Interactive. What Kind of Maintenance Do I Need to Do on My… Dear Lifehacker, I'm a new Mac user and would like to know what sort of maintenance I need to… Read Btrfs has online and automatic defragmentation available.[17] Linux ext2, ext3, and ext4: Much like UFS, these filesystems employ allocation techniques designed to keep fragmentation under control at all times.[18] As a For the Microsoft Windows utility, see Disk Defragmenter (Windows).

This is what really wrong here.And I'll certainly test whether the volsnap explanation is correct. I guess if Scott looked into the evidence before making his claims, he'd come up with the correct answer sooner.There's no whining here, except for your attacks. Defragmenting an SSD once a month is not abnormal if that is what Microsoft intended.I don't follow why "this blog post is a great example of this".I hope all that makes Premium Products BoostSpeed 9 Anti-Malware 2017 Disk Defrag Pro File Recovery Driver Updater BitReplica Free Products Disk Defrag Free Disk Defrag Touch Registry Cleaner Registry Defrag Duplicate File Finder Browser Care

I love this software and find i is one that is as vital for my laptop as my AntiVirus/AntiSpyware software Flag Permalink Reply This was helpful (2) Collapse - XP Defrag? by skycatcher / September 2, 2011 8:00 PM PDT In reply to: Not all HDD's are the same. The SSD has no idea about this, and that's why it needs TRIM to learn that these LBAa are free.On the other hand, the OS has no idea how the SSD Inside the VM a hard disk reports it uses for example 20GB, but the VHDX is 30GB.

Windows 7 can be set to defrag on a regular basis and if the computer is not on it will defrag the next time the system is on and not being Reboot your computer and try to defrag again. 2. I'm only interested in technical discussion. This is used and enabled by Windows System Restore when it takes a snapshot of your system and saves it so you can rollback to a previous system state.

There’s no bug here, sorry. - Me in the Past I dug deeper and talked to developers on the Windows storage team and this post is written in conjunction with them XFS provides an online defragmentation utility called xfs_fsr. It optimizes data placement using Garbage Collection / NAND defrag algorithms. Or they might turn-off System Restore to avoid any defrag operations on their SSDs.It's been my experience running Windows 8.1 that despite having intentionally turned off System Restore, Windows 8.1 automatically