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Deathly Slow And (Not Responding) Before Shutdown


Click Properties and then click System Scan. If you use this program you will need to reinstall any software that you have installed since the date you select for your restore. If you are, however, trying to shorten your boot up time you should leave as many items unchecked on the Startup tab as possible so you will not have to wait Computer with Windows Millennium (ME) locks up before loading desktop. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If Windows Millennium (ME) locks up while booting just before the icons and [Start] button load on your desktop you check my blog

Open MSCONFIG ( See section 2w ) and click the [Advanced] button to access the Fast Shutdown option. Most devices do not require these drivers to run and Windows runs better and faster without them. When the System Configuration Utility opens click the [Launch System Restore] button in the lower left corner of the window. Select Thorough.

Windows 7 Slow Shutdown Fix

You can also set Scandisk so it won't run after forced shutdowns, if you wish. This may take some time to run. Click a check into Disable Scandisk after bad shutdown; click [OK] [OK]. 5. You can also do this with the Occache folder.

The VCache section of the SYSTEM.INI file is empty in a new Dell, but the section header is there. To run scandisk and defrag successfully, be sure that there are no processes running in the background. In the Run window there will be one white box labeled Open. Windows 7 Slow Shutdown Problem Solutions to Win98 Shutdown Problems This document is a collection of specific solutions for various issues with Windows 98 and Windows Millennium (ME) including

If you are running screensaver and power management you could have a conflict. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You should not have power management and a screensaver enabled at the same time; they invariably conflict. If this doesn't work you can run Dell Diagnostics as outlined in step 7w to check for hardware failure. (Return to TOC) 2t. Your AntiVirus program will often cause your computer to lockup when shutting down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ McAfee and Norton AntiVirus scan the floppy drive for viruses when Windows is shutting down. To begin with, you will lose any work you have not yet saved to the hard drive.

Tips for improving the performance of Windows Millennium (ME) and Windows 98. 4w. Windows 7 Slow Shutdown Ssd Once you have determined which line is causing your problem you can leave it unchecked as long as it doesn't cause other problems. It will also solve most 'Out of Memory' errors. To prevent data loss save your work frequently while working.

Slow Shutdown Windows 7 64 Bit

Screensaver and power management will sometimes conflict and cause lock ups so try step 6w . https://askleo.com/not_responding_what_does_it_mean_and_what_do_i_do_about_it/ Click on [Start] | Settings | Control Panel | Display | Web. Windows 7 Slow Shutdown Fix If your computer locks you might be able to use [Ctrl] [Alt] [Delete] to close programs and unfreeze Windows (If you don't know how to use this feature see section 2w Windows 10 Takes A Long Time To Shut Down Click any underlined link to go to that section.

The first section lists symptoms and refers you to the portion of the second section that deals with your symptoms. http://libraryonlineweb.com/windows-7/computer-slow-to-start.php You may hear the hard drive running for quite some time if you have not been doing this regularly. We recommend trying it both ways. On the Tools menu, click System Configuration Utility and click the General Tab to the front. 3. Windows 7 Slow Startup And Shutdown Problems

Tips for improving the performance of Windows Millennium (ME) and Windows 98. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your System speed will improve if you don't view it as a Web page. Reboots when you try to shut down. 4t. WARNING: Making changes to the registry can seriously impact the operation of the Windows Operating System. news Once you have identified which item is causing the problem select Normal Startup and then select the tab that corresponds to the file that is causing the problem (e.g.

With Fast Shutdown enabled, Windows will not un-initialize the drivers, resulting in a faster shutdown. Windows 7 Shutting Down Stuck If this does not work or if your system is not responding to the mouse or keyboard you may have no choice but to shut down with the power button and There is a new program called System Restore that can reset your Windows registry to the settings it had before you started having problems.

Go to http://support.microsoft.com/support/search/c.asp and reference articles Q192926 (Clean boot trouble shooting) and Q188867 (Startup problems) You can also search their knowledge base and find numerous articles on Windows problems Microsoft has

Check out section 3w for tips on improving system performance and section 9w for tips from selected Websites. Reboots when you try to shut down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is usually the result of Fast Shutdown being enabled. See if you can shut down normally. Clearpagefile At Shutdown To see a list of programs that are running hold down the [Ctrl] and [Alt] keys on your keyboard and hit the [Delete] key once.

If the problem has just started recently try to think of any software or hardware that you have added lately. Click Delete on the pop-up menu and a Confirm Value Delete window appears. Lines that have a small Windows98 symbol beside them are necessary for the system to boot correctly. http://libraryonlineweb.com/windows-7/computer-freezing-after-boot-and-before-shutdown.php Once you have made some additional space by deleting unused files and overgrown caches, you can improve access speed by running a thorough Scandisk and Defrag.

The (Return to TOC) link will take you back to the Table of Contents. [Symptoms] 1t. Microsoft Patch and Added Network Cards. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have added a Network Interface Card (NIC) to access cable modem services or a home networking system, and removing the card and End everything but Explorer, which is Windows itself. Your AntiVirus program will often cause your computer to lockup when shutting down. 5w.

Please be aware that removing items using MSCONFIG may cause some programs not to function so it is best to isolate the one that is causing the problem and recheck everything At the Microsoft Startup Menu select Safe mode command prompt only. Helpful Websites. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Troubleshooting Shutdown Problems in Microsoft® Windows® 95 and 98: http://support.dell.com/us/en/kb/document.asp?DN=TT1034155 http://support.dell.com/us/en/kb/document.asp?DN=FA1011455 You can also access this information from the Dell Knowledge Base at http://support.dell.com/us/en/kb/ Go to the bottom